Hello there!
Welcome to our Junior Hub

A place for little innovators to learn all about SWITCH electric buses.

Watch the video below to find out how we are creating a cleaner, smarter, better future and what you can do to help.

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A few fun facts

  • SWITCH was created by companies with over 100 years of experience making buses and other vehicles
  • We already have over 280 electric vehicles driving on roads today
  • Our Metrocity EV was London's very first 100% electric bus built here in Britain
  • SWITCH'S clever technology collects all sorts of information from the buses every day so that we can keep making them better and better
  • Our buses and vans are super safe – they communicate with the world around them and stop automatically in case of an emergency
Above: Our Metrocity EV!

How would you design a SWITCH bus?

Have a go today. Simply download and print our colouring page, then submit your picture for the chance to win some SWITCH goodies!

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