Artist Leonie Bos draws the future of urban mobility

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What does the future look like for our cities?

Switch Mobility has commissioned Dutch artist Leonie Bos to illustrate just that.

Leonie has previously created bespoke pieces for Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and Monocle Magazine among many other top publications. The three pieces illustrated for Switch depict ‘the future of urban mobility’ and will be used across their website and wider branding.

“We wanted to show moments in time. Peeking into a split second within an idyllic city. A city that we at Switch have helped to make cleaner, smarter and better. Leonie has exceeded our expectations – she sees beauty in everything.” - Dr Andy Palmer, Vice Chairman of Switch Mobility

“Rather than leading with the futuristic vehicles, we wanted to focus on humanity and people. That’s what we’re all about at Switch. Supporting the arts and working with an incredibly talented artist to make our vision come to life has been a part of that.” - Graham Belgum, President West of Switch Mobility

Leonie’s distinctive style was a perfect match for Switch’s vision. She has become well known for her architectural forms and use of layered colour.

“I like to approach my subjects from a constructive angle. I literally build up my images. Stacking layers of colors, structures and patterns. Although my work has become fully digital by now, I think my method is still quite similar to traditional painting with its assembly of corrections. Leaving these repairs partially visible, making it look like it’s handmade, is a characteristic aspect of my work. But since I also have a compulsive need for accuracy, working on a computer suits me really well.” - Leonie Bos (Le Guess Who Article)

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