Dr. Miranda Brawn appointed iNED to Switch Board of Directors

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Switch strengthens ESG and EV expertise with latest appointment

Today, it is officially announced that Dr. Miranda Brawn joined Switch Mobility as an Independent Non-Executive Director on the 1st July 2021. This follows the earlier appointment of auto industry veteran Mr. J M Alapont, as well as Switch Mobility Limited's Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman, Dr. Andy Palmer.

Dr. Brawn is a former Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan banker and senior lawyer, who brings her wealth of expertise across many sectors to the boardrooms of global organisations. Her experience spans across finance, law, technology and engineering – notably electric vehicles. She is regarded by the Financial Times, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Financial News as one of the most influential women in finance.

Her focus areas include corporate governance, regulatory and risk management, while trailblazing the way for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I), and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agendas in the corporate boardroom.

"We have brought together all our electrical vehicle initiatives under the Switch Mobility umbrella. In pursuit of our ambitious goal to lead net zero carbon mobility, we are strengthening our team to drive these execution plans vigorously. Furthermore, we strongly believe in diversity of talent at the board level to guide and support the management. I welcome Dr. Miranda Brawn to the Board. I am confident that her extensive experience will be invaluable in directing the company to accelerate our vision." Dheeraj Hinduja, Chairman of Switch Mobility

"It is an honour to join an extraordinary company and a team of top expert industry leaders within the engineering space. Together, we are going to create a leading first-class global electric vehicle company, trailblazing the way to zero-carbon transportation. I am very proud to be joining the Board of Directors of Switch Mobility as an independent non-executive director with a unique, diverse background and to be part of this exciting mission. Ashok Leyland and Switch Mobility have the potential to change the landscape of mobility globally. I am delighted to be able to use my extensive experience spanning more than two decades to help the organisation reach global success while playing our part in tackling climate change." Dr Miranda Brawn, Switch Mobility's Independent Non-Executive Director