UK Government publishes world's first 'greenprint' decarbonisation plan

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Government 'greenprint' plan aims to decarbonise all modes of domestic transport by 2050

With the cost of air pollution rising and transport now accounting for one-fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions (Our World in Data, 2020) it has never been more important to take action.

In an ambitious move, the UK has pledged to reach net zero by 2050, cutting emissions “from our seas and skies, roads and railways”. The plan sets out a credible pathway for the whole transport sector to reach this goal.

Clean transport companies like Switch Mobility are not only ensuring their vehicles emit zero emissions into the atmosphere – they will also create highly skilled, green jobs across the country.

"As a net zero vehicle company, we are proud to be assisting the UK government with their decarbonisation vision. Our electric bus factory in Leeds is an example of how Switch will build British jobs and help boost the economy." Dr. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice-Chairman and CEO of Switch Mobility Ltd.

"Transport is not just how you get around. It is something that fundamentally shapes our towns, cities and countryside, our living standards and our health. It can shape all those things for good or for bad. Decarbonisation is not just some technocratic process. It's about how we make sure that transport shapes quality of life and the economy in ways that are good." Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary

At Switch, we are committed to building cleaner, smarter, better cities and supporting communities and organisations around the world to do their bit in the fight against climate change.